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NexKoozie System

Nexstep Products

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The NexKoozie is the next step in beverage retention.  Made out of the same soft durable neoprene as all of our products, the NexKoozie provides a comfortable, functional, and innovative way to carry your drink, while still using your hands. 

Whether you want to longboard, hike, SUP, hang around the campfire, be forced to be injured on crutches and/or be able to still send 2-thumbed texts - the NexKoozie is the best way to carry, drink, and not spill or lose your beverage.   

All NexKoozie Systems are COLOR MATCHED Neck + Koozie 

NexKoozie System: XL NexBiner - 26" Separate Neck Strap that directly snaps to the koozie(doubles as a XL Soft Carabiner to hang your gear!!) Soft, Neoprene, High-quality koozie with male female connectors for optimum connectivity

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